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Apr 16, 2020

Practicing Boredom

Trying to do deep work for a long period of time for quite some days without much success. It's very hard when your brain get used to distracted constantly in search of dopamine. One way to solve this problem is to practice boredom. Generally when trying to deep work on something there will be a time when something is very hard to do or hard to understand and requires much more attention and persistence to solve that. But the brain does not like that state of mind so it starts to look for fun and easy thing to do. And doing this again and again make our brain incapable of to focus for long period of time. So I decided to practice boredom to train my brain to not look for a way put whenever a hurdle arrives. I'll try to figure out what are the things I do to escape when faced with a hurdle and recognize those and list out and make an effort not to do that next time. Hopefully this will make doing deep work easier.

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