About Me
What I Do
I build simple & functional custom web applications with rich UX.
I work on both backend and frontend and my current stack is: Laravel + Vue + TailwindCSS. I use linux machine and docker based tools for local development and production. Check out my projects
I like to learn new stuff & experiment. What I'm doing now?
Approach to Work
I try to build simple & minimal solution that is easily understandable & maintanable.
I prefer -
  • - usability over innovation
  • - code readibility over performance
  • - TDD based development cycle
  • - creative freedom in work
  • - transparent open discussion over rigid behind the door decision
  • - early user feedback over feature perfection and project completion
I don't like -
  • - unnecessary meetings and manager/delegator
  • - bureaucracy, long unnecessary process/formalities, policies (overreaction to situation)
  • - four letter words, ["easy", "need", "can't", "just", "only", "ASAP"]
  • - vague "estimation" (guesstimation)
My ideal workplace would have remote working option, scheduling flexibility and effective text based team communication.
Work Timeline
2014: Started learning php to pursue a career in web development.
2015: Worked for Techbeeo Software Ltd BD to build new module and customizing existing module of a open source ERP system built on Java platform.
2015: Dedicated few months on learning Laravel & VueJS full time to become full stack developer.
2016-2017: Worked for P1, Bashundhara Group. Built and maintained an API microservice for media management to serve several web and mobile application frontend using laravel and aws services.
2017-2018: Worked for Small Success LLC (USA). Built and integrated a Q/A module in an existing application built on Laravel & VueJS stack.
2018: Exploring golang and aws lambda (serverless tech). Check my lambda functions
2019: Helped Insurex (USA) to build prototype for CCTV video processing and storage cloud app.